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3 Snowflake Decorations Ideas

Let it snow! Fun and easy snowflake craft projects – perfect ideas for the holidays. … Try some homemade Christmas ornaments..

I made some cool snowflakes from wrapping paper

Cutting snowflakes is a yearly tradition in our home. Preschooler’s just learning to cut (well) love it! Providing them with different materials to cut makes it even more fascinating to them.

Save the paper after opening gifts and reuse that for these snowflakes! Wrapping paper is perfect for preschoolers. Its easy to cut. And the coolest part is that you can make huge snowflakes with them. Which also makes it easier for young hands to cut because they’re not cutting out such small spaces.


Wintery Snowflake Stockings

Enjoy the enchantment and serenity of a winter snowfall without the chill. Spend an afternoon making some of these snowflake-inspired ideas from stylist and crafter Paul Lowe. Assemble your materials first; you can accomplish all of these projects with felt, craft wire, beads, kraft paper, and a glue gun. Find wire forms and templates for snowflakes and stockings on the Web or at a crafts store, such as Michael. Enlist friends and make it a party. Serve refreshments: How about coconut cupcakes and white hot chocolate? Each guest gets to take home her completed projects. And be sure to make enough for your own decorating. In a couple of hours, you’ll have a flurry of star crystals you can display throughout the house. After all, it wouldn’t be the holidays without a little snow.

Tree Topper

Follow the directions for making a beaded snowflake with a few variations: Thread each leg of the wire form with three round beads, followed by one long bead. Then, to make the circle, twist a wire around one of the legs at the top of the long bead; thread with a long bead, a short bead, and a long bead. Wrap wire around the next leg; repeat. Continue to complete the circle. Fasten off. Finish threading each of the legs with short and long beads. Add a dab of hot glue at ends to affix.

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