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7 Religious Christmas Poems

  1. A Christmas CarolThe Christ-child stood at Mary’s knee,
    His hair was like a crown.
    And all the flowers looked up at Him,
    And all the stars looked down.

    By G.K. Chesterton

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    Traditional English Poem

  2. Oh, he did whistle and she did sing,
    And all the bells on earth did ring,
    For joy that our Saviour He was born
    On Christmas Day in the morning.

    By Anon

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  3. Not Only Christmas Day

    Lord, this is my prayer
    Not only on Christmas Day
    But until I see You face to face
    May I live my life this way:

    Just like the baby Jesus
    I ever hope to be,
    Resting in Your loving arms
    Trusting in Your sovereignty.

    And like the growing Christ child
    In wisdom daily learning,
    May I ever seek to know You
    With my mind and spirit yearning.

    Like the Son so faithful
    Let me follow in Your light,
    Meek and bold, humble and strong
    Not afraid to face the night.

    Nor cowardly to suffer
    And stand for truth alone,
    Knowing that Your kingdom
    Awaits my going home.

    Not afraid to sacrifice
    Though great may be the cost,
    Mindful how You rescued me
    From broken-hearted loss.

    Like my risen Savior
    The babe, the child, the Son,
    May my life forever speak
    Of who You are and all You’ve done.

    So while this world rejoices
    And celebrates Your birth,
    I treasure You, the greatest gift
    Unequaled in Your worth.

    I long to hear the same words
    That welcomed home Your Son,
    “Come, good and faithful servant,”
    Your Master says, “Well done.”

    And may heaven welcome others
    Who will join with me in praise
    Because I lived for Jesus Christ
    Not only Christmas Day

    By Mary Fairchild

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  4. A Lamb Slain
    In the glory of eternity past
    The triune, self-existent LORD
    Dwelt outside of time and space
    In fellowship and sweet accord.
    A plan then formed in the mind of God,
    His greatness henceforth to share.
    He would create a place of beauty,
    A masterpiece beyond compare.

    His creation would be of great expanse
    With wonders of assorted size.
    It would also be full of light and loveliness;
    To bring pleasure to the eyes.

    What diversity He would create!
    However the pinnacle of His plan,
    Was to bring Him most pleasure –
    A creation that He would call “man”.

    “Let us create man in our own image.
    In our own likeness he will be.
    We will make him a living soul
    That will dwell for all eternity.”

    This human being would be unique;
    With incredible intellect and free choice.
    He would have fellowship with God
    And communicate with a voice.

    Thus as creation’s plan did unfold
    A note of sadness filled the air.
    God knew where man’s choice would lead
    And the heartache He would bear.

    The Father looked upon His Son
    And saw the Lamb to be slain.
    The cost of man’s redemption
    Would require sacrifice and pain.

    “My own dear Son are you willing
    To leave the beauty of our abode?
    To be veiled in human flesh
    And walk a mortal’s road?

    “From these glorious ivory palaces
    You will be placed in a virgin’s womb.
    Then to be born in a humble stable
    Because elsewhere will be found no room.

    “Your birth will be poorly attended
    Only a few will heed the good news.
    Although the angels will declare it
    Their message most will refuse.

    “Few will see you as Immanuel.
    Most will mock, scorn and jeer.
    Although you will preach the truth
    The majority will shut their ear.

    “And then, my Son, you will die,
    Condemned by Your own creation.
    You will bear the sin of all mankind
    To bring to them Salvation.”

    Thus in silent contemplation
    God the Son paused to decide.
    The immensity of such a decision
    By none could be denied.

    Although one fails to comprehend
    The decision Christ then made,
    We now come with praise and thankfulness
    That for all man’s sin He paid.

    By Judith Searle

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  5. WHEN Christ was born of Mary free,
    In Bethlehem in that fair citie,
    Angels sang there with mirth and glee,
    In Excelsis Gloria!Herdsmen beheld these angels bright,
    To them appearing with great light,
    Who said, “God’s Son is born this night,”
    In Excelsis Gloria!This King is come to save mankind,
    As in Scripture truths we find,
    Therefore this song have we in mind,
    In Excelsis Gloria!

    Then, dear Lord, for Thy great grace,
    Grant us the bliss to see Thy face,
    That we may sing to Thy solace,
    In Excelsis Gloria!

    By Florence B. Hyett

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  6. from The Star-Song: A Carol to the King

    [King 1] Tell us, thou clear and heavenly tongue,
    Where is the Babe but lately sprung?
    Lies He the lily-banks among?

    [King 2] Or say, if this new birth of ours
    Sleeps, laid within some ark of flowers,
    Spangled with dew-light; thou canst clear
    All doubts, and manifest the where.

    [King 3] Declare to us, bright star, if we shall seek
    Him in the morning’s blushing cheek,
    Or search the beds of spices through,
    To find Him out?

    [Star] No, this ye need not do;
    But only come, and see Him rest
    A princely Babe in’s mother’s breast.

    By Robert Herrick

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