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15 Printable Christmas Quiz

  1. Which Christmas character is known for saying the line “God bless us everyone”?
    Tiny Tim says this line in the story ‘A Christmas Carol’
  2. In which country does Kaledu Senelis deliver gifts?
    Lithuania – Children who want to receive a gift from Kaledu must perform a song or poem.
  3. In the song, “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” how many ladies are dancing?
    9 – The song has nine ladies dancing and eight maids a milking.
  4. What Christmas plant is “Viscum” used to label:
  5. The name of Scrooge’s dead business partner:
    Jacob Marley
  6. Which author made the remark “I gave them for Dinner a Piece of rost Beef and plumb Puddings – and after dinner half a Pint of strong Beer apiece. “:
    James Woodforde
  7. Which of these is not one of reindeer who pulls Santa’s sleigh? Vixen, Dancer or Fireball?
    Fireball – In the story, T’was the Night Before Christmas the sleigh is pulled by eight reindeer.
  8. How does Santa get into a house on Christmas eve?
    He comes down the chimney – Santa has been doing this for hundreds of years.
  9. In the Christmas song, “Snoopy’s Christmas” – who fights with the Red Baron?
    Snoopy – The fight takes place during the First World War.
  10. What are the traditional Christmas colors?
    Red and green – White is often thought to be one of the Christmas colors.
  11. Where was it always winter but never Christmas?
  12. What’s the Christian penitential season from end of November to Christmas?
  13. Which book begins “Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without any presents”?
    Little women
  14. What is the birthstone colour of someone born on Christmas day?
  15. What famous comedian died at Christmas in 1977?
    Charlie Chaplin

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