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6 Poems About Christmas

  1. Christmas Waltz
    ‘White Christmas’ was playing,
    Bing sang soft and mellow,
    as we waltzed ‘round the room—
    I was such a proud fellow.The rug was rolled back,
    and chairs set aside
    as on top of my shoes
    tiny feet could then glide.‘Round our tree we did go
    as those bright colored lights
    spilled thru’ frosted windows
    onto snow in the night.We continued to dance—
    we twirled and we bowed
    as I promised myself
    and my partner out loud—I would never forget
    those moments divine,
    or think it quite silly
    with passage of time.

    For I knew, darling daughter,
    you’d grow and take wing,
    celebrate your own Christmas,
    and the flurry it brings.

    But once in awhile
    will you stop and take rest,
    think of your old dad,
    and how I loved you best?

    Remember our dancing
    as time slips away,
    and those long ago waltzes
    we shared Christmas Day.

    By Tamara Hillman

    Read source at : http://www.share-christmas.com/poems/christmas-waltz/

  2. Christmas time–You can feel it…
    There is music and magic in the air…
    We are sending our Christmas greetings…
    To those about whom we care …
    It’s time to do the usual things…
    Shopping and trimming the tree…
    Children getting all fancied up…
    To go sit on Santa’s knee…
    But the story of Christmas started long ago…
    When a baby in a manger lay…
    Jesus–a tiny little baby boy…
    Lay upon a bed of hay…
    Three wise men bearing gifts…
    Came over the land from afar…
    Following the blinding brightness…
    Of a pure heavenly star…
    As this baby grew over the years…
    He loved and saved many a soul…
    He took men that were broken and sick…
    He made them well and whole…
    He fed the ones who were hungry…
    He treasured and healed the poor…
    He loved the beasts and children…
    And then he did a whole lot more…
    God had sent Jesus his only son…
    He was our savior to be…
    And Jesus died upon a cross…
    He died for you and for me…

    By Unknown Author

    Read source at : http://www.share-christmas.com/poems/christmas-time/

  3. Memories
    Memories are a special house
    We build inside ourselves
    Where love and laughter linger,
    Where all our past life dwells.
    On holidays like Christmas
    We can draw upon the store,
    Reliving happy times
    And feeling all that warmth once more.
    Wherever we may travel,
    This house is always there
    To help to blend the old and new,
    To build on . . . grow . . . and share.
    This house can never get too full,
    Just grow from floor to floor,
    Because the joy of memories
    Is always making more.

    By Unknown Author

    Read source at : http://www.dennydavis.net/poemfiles/xmaspoem.htm

  4. A Dozen Christmas Roses
    One rose for the times we’ve shared and the memories we’ve made
    One rose for being someone I can trust
    One rose for accepting me as I am
    One rose for forgiving me the mistakes I’ve made
    One rose for taking the time to listen even when you don’t understand or agree
    One rose for being there when I need you
    One rose for letting me be there when you need someone
    One rose for the hopes and dreams and feelings you share
    One rose for your actions that speak louder than words
    One rose for knowing when to speak and when to offer silence
    One rose for your smile that brings joy into my world
    And one rose for being one of life’s most beautiful gifts
    Twelve roses because you are important to me and I love you.

    By Unknown Author

    Read source at : http://www.dennydavis.net/poemfiles/xmaspoem.htm

  5. Good King Wenceslas looked out
    On the feast of Stephen
    When the snow lay round about
    Deep and crisp and even
    Brightly shone the moon that night
    Though the frost was cruel
    When a poor man came in sight
    Gath’ring winter fuel”Hither, page, and stand by me
    If thou know’st it, telling
    Yonder peasant, who is he?
    Where and what his dwelling?”
    “Sire, he lives a good league hence
    Underneath the mountain
    Right against the forest fence
    By Saint Agnes’ fountain.””Bring me flesh and bring me wine
    Bring me pine logs hither
    Thou and I will see him dine
    When we bear him thither.”
    Page and monarch forth they went
    Forth they went together
    Through the rude wind’s wild lament
    And the bitter weather”Sire, the night is darker now
    And the wind blows stronger
    Fails my heart, I know not how,
    I can go no longer.”
    “Mark my footsteps, my good page
    Tread thou in them boldly
    Thou shalt find the winter’s rage
    Freeze thy blood less coldly.”In his master’s steps he trod
    Where the snow lay dinted
    Heat was in the very sod
    Which the Saint had printed
    Therefore, Christian men, be sure
    Wealth or rank possessing
    Ye who now will bless the poor
    Shall yourselves find blessing

    By John Mason Neale

    Read source at : https://www.carols.org.uk/good_king_wenceslas.htm

  6. The Magi
    Now as at all times I can see in the mind’s eye,
    In their stiff, painted clothes, the pale unsatisfied ones
    Appear and disappear in the blue depths of the sky
    With all their ancient faces like rain-beaten stones,
    And all their helms of silver hovering side by side,
    And all their eyes still fixed, hoping to find once more,
    Being by Calvary’s turbulence unsatisfied,
    The uncontrollable mystery on the bestial floor.

    By William Butler Yeats

    Read source at : https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poetrymagazine/poems/detail/12892

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