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3 Personalized Christmas Balls

Handcrafted Christmas balls are the most creative idea for all your nears and dears this christmas eve. Here find Personalized Christmas Balls.

Cookie Ball

personalized christmas balls 3

For this mesmerizing Christmas ball all you need to do is collect all the material for making a transparent glass Christmas ball and fill the ball with candies, cookies and other small eatables. You can also fill with dog cookies and tag it with the name of the dog.

Accessory Ball

personalized christmas balls 2

The creativity that lasts forever with filling the ball with small hair accessories, bracelets, ear rings or finger rings and other small jewels. Your friends would be amazed to see all this creative balls having their favorite items.

Name Balls

personalized christmas balls 1

Fill the Christmas balls with glitters and name them with all the family members, friends, room mates and others. More extensions can also be added while writing wishes on balls that are bigger one.


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