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Gift Basket Themes

Themed gift baskets are a great way to show someone you put thought into their gift.  You can be creative (and oftentimes thrifty) from the basket you choose to the fillers you use.

If you’re scrambling for some good Gift Basket Themes – one of these cute themed gift baskets below should fit..

The Martha Stewart Gift Basket

This one is for the domestic gift basket theme who loves to bake (or tries to, anyway).
Choose a unique basket that could be put to use in the kitchen as a mail sorter, or perhaps a bread basket. Start with a copy of Martha Stewart Living or another cooking magazine (along with a gift subscription). .
Fill with fun gadgets like a cookie dough scoop, magnetic measuring spoons, or a set of cake decorating supplies. Soften it with a vintagey towel, or pot holders. You may also want to include a mason-jar filled with granola, nuts, or a ready-to-bake muffin mix. .

Icecream Gift Basket

Content Ideas toppings,

  • sundae dishes,
  • waffle bowls and cones,
  • sprinkles,
  • ice cream scoop,
  • cherries,
  • Christmas card

Art Basket

Content Ideas

  • crayons,
  • paints,
  • construction paper,
  • play dough,
  • colored pencils,
  • sidewalk chalk,
  • paint brushes,
  • finger paints,
  • finger paint paper,
  • glitter,
  • markers,
  • scissors,
  • stickers

You can use all these items to make a art basket for the kids.

Baby Shower Gift Basket

This is a great way to present several inexpensive gifts in a pretty package – and it makes a shoestring budget feel less…. shoestring.

  • Start with a colorful laundry basket from the store – this one was only a few amount and I went with pink for a baby girl shower. It will be useful for mom either for baby’s laundry, or to store toys. .
  • Next, choose something big and bulky to be your focal point – a big stuffed animal, a nursing pillow or maybe a nice diaper bag.
  • Add a couple packs of diapers and wipes – these are ALWAYS appreciated – to fill in the middle of the basket.
  • A cute outfit or two should go right up front, for the “ooh-and-ahh” factor. You bought a double-pack of summer rompers for this one, and wrapped each one individually in tissue paper and twine, then fanned them out.
  • For filling in the gaps, add items like baby powder, desitin, lotion, etc…
  • To keep them from slipping through the slots (and for cuteness sake) you may want to pop each of these items in a sweet package of it’s own. I had a few of these decorative milk-carton style boxes – but even an envelope made from scrapbook paper would work fine.
  • Finally – stuff coordinating tissue paper behind the whole display to give it more height.

You can make like this baby shower gift basket and add the items what the baby kid (boy or girl) uses.


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