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10 Funny Christmas Greetings

  1. Christmas is a time when everybody wants his past forgotten and his present remembered.
  2. It’s all fun and games ’till Santa checks the Naughty List.
  3. A heart is always where the love is
    This Christmas a love that will stay
    Make things work in your favor
    And you will really find a way
    May this Christmas be more amazing for you
    Wishing you Merry Christmas all the way
    May all your wishes come true this day!

  4. Christmas shopping is awesome, only when it is for you.
  5. Hasn’t Santa ever heard of Diet Coke and the treadmill?
  6. This Christmas let’s try to keep things in their proper perspective.
    After all, credit cards do have their limits.
  7. My goal this Christmas is to be on both lists: Naughty and Nice.
  8. Christmas shopping for your parents is easy.
    Just buy them clothes you wouldn’t get caught dead in.
  9. This year you was not good… You was FANTASTIC! May your celebration be joyous and your holidays bright!
  10. I mistakenly wrapped your Christmas present in paper that says “Happy Birthday”. So I added wording “to Jesus” on it. Merry Christmas!

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