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6 Fun Christmas Activities

This Christmas blast all the twelve days with lot of fun, rituals, excitement, commemorations, glitters, food and drinks. Here find Fun Christmas Activities.

Ribbon Christmas tree

fun christmas activities 1

  • Take a piece of card and draw a semi circle on it. Cut the semi-circle out and shape it into a cone and past it with glue or tape. You can also use a colored card similar to the ribbon.
  • Apply glue to the card and wrap the whole cone with chenille ribbon pushing it into glue carefully.
  • Leave the card to dry. If you see any gaps gently move the ribbon to them.
  • . Now you can paste different jewels or other decorative items on the ribbon and you christmas tree is ready.

Popsicle stick christmas tree

fun christmas activities 2

The most easy, beautiful and creative ideas for this christmas season. Decorate the popsicle trees with paint, jewels, pom poms, and other crafts.

Paper plate Christmas tree

fun christmas activities 3

You can make a new kind of christmas tree with all the paper plates whether colored or plain and paste the pom poms to make it more creative and add the fun factor to your kids christmas commemoration.

Sing Christmas Carol

fun christmas activities 4

The rituals of christmas can be followed with the christmas carols, songs and rhymes and go deep in the memories of the Lord Jesus.

Watch Christmas Movies 

fun christmas activities 5

The christmas movies can take you to a divine journey having green roads filled with joy everywhere and make yourself feel flying in the air with all the angels.

Put Up Christmas Lights

fun christmas activities 6

This Christmas season the christmas lights can also add a fun factor to your day and can take you to the most amazing commemoration.

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