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8 Famous Christmas Poems

  1. Silent NightSilent night,
    Holy night;
    All is calm,
    All is bright …

    By Joseph Mohr

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  2. The Boy Who Laughed at Santa ClausIn Baltimore there lived a boy.
    He wasn’t anybody’s joy.
    Although his name was Jabez Dawes,
    His character was full of flaws.

    In school he never led his classes,
    He hid old ladies’ reading glasses,
    His mouth was open when he chewed,
    And elbows to the table glued.
    He stole the milk of hungry kittens,
    And walked through doors marked NO ADMITTANCE.
    He said he acted thus because
    There wasn’t any Santa Claus.

    Another trick that tickled Jabez
    Was crying ‘Boo’ at little babies.
    He brushed his teeth, they said in town,
    Sideways instead of up and down.
    Yet people pardoned every sin,
    And viewed his antics with a grin,
    Till they were told by Jabez Dawes,
    ‘There isn’t any Santa Claus!’

    Deploring how he did behave,
    His parents swiftly sought their grave.
    They hurried through the portals pearly,
    And Jabez left the funeral early.

    Like whooping cough, from child to child,
    He sped to spread the rumor wild:
    ‘Sure as my name is Jabez Dawes
    There isn’t any Santa Claus!’
    Slunk like a weasel of a marten
    Through nursery and kindergarten,
    Whispering low to every tot,
    ‘There isn’t any, no there’s not!’

    The children wept all Christmas eve
    And Jabez chortled up his sleeve.
    No infant dared hang up his stocking
    For fear of Jabez’ ribald mocking.

    He sprawled on his untidy bed,
    Fresh malice dancing in his head,
    When presently with scalp-a-tingling,
    Jabez heard a distant jingling;
    He heard the crunch of sleigh and hoof
    Crisply alighting on the roof.
    What good to rise and bar the door?
    A shower of soot was on the floor.

    What was beheld by Jabez Dawes?
    The fireplace full of Santa Claus!
    Then Jabez fell upon his knees
    With cries of ‘Don’t,’ and ‘Pretty Please.’
    He howled, ‘I don’t know where you read it,
    But anyhow, I never said it!’
    ‘Jabez’ replied the angry saint,
    ‘It isn’t I, it’s you that ain’t.
    Although there is a Santa Claus,
    There isn’t any Jabez Dawes!’

    Said Jabez then with impudent vim,
    ‘Oh, yes there is, and I am him!
    Your magic don’t scare me, it doesn’t’
    And suddenly he found he wasn’t!
    From grimy feet to grimy locks,
    Jabez became a Jack-in-the-box,
    An ugly toy with springs unsprung,
    Forever sticking out his tongue.

    The neighbors heard his mournful squeal;
    They searched for him, but not with zeal.
    No trace was found of Jabez Dawes,
    Which led to thunderous applause,
    And people drank a loving cup
    And went and hung their stockings up.

    All you who sneer at Santa Claus,
    Beware the fate of Jabez Dawes,
    The saucy boy who mocked the saint.
    Donner and Blitzen licked off his paint.

    By Ogden Nash

    Read source at : http://www.westegg.com/nash/santa.html

  3. BalloonsSince Christmas they have lived with us,
    Guileless and clear,
    Oval soul-animals,
    Taking up half the space,
    Moving and rubbing on the silk

    Invisible air drifts,
    Giving a shriek and pop
    When attacked, then scooting to rest, barely trembling.

    Yellow cathead, blue fish —-
    Such queer moons we live with

    Instead of dead furniture!
    Straw mats, white walls
    And these traveling
    Globes of thin air, red, green,

    The heart like wishes or free
    Peacocks blessing
    Old ground with a feather
    Beaten in starry metals.

    Your small

    Brother is making
    His balloon squeak like a cat.

    Seeming to see
    A funny pink world he might eat on the other side of it,
    He bites,

    Then sits
    Back, fat jug
    Contemplating a world clear as water.

    A red
    Shred in his little fist.

    By Sylvia Plath

    Read source at : http://www.poetrysoup.com/famous/poem/balloons_15199

  4. Chanukah LightsI KINDLED my eight little candles,
    My Chanukah-candles–and lo!
    Fair visions and dreams half-forgotten
    To me came of years long ago.

    I musingly gazed at my candles;
    Meseemed in their quivering flames
    In golden, in fiery letters
    I read the old glorious names,

    The names of our heroes immortal,
    The noble, the brave, and the true,
    A battle-field saw I in vision
    Where many were conquered by few.

    Where trampled in dust lay the mighty,
    Judea’s proud Syrian foe;
    And Judas, the brave Maccabaeus,
    In front of his army I saw.

    His eyes shone like bright stars of heaven,
    Like music rang out his strong voice:
    “Brave comrades, we fought and we conquered,
    Now let us, in God’s name, rejoice!”

    “We conquered–but know, O brave comrades,
    No triumph is due to the sword!
    Remember our glorious watchword,
    ‘For People and Towns of the Lord!'”

    He spoke, and from all the four corners
    An echo repeated each word;
    The woods and the mountains re-echoed:
    “For People and Towns of the Lord!”

    And swiftly the message spread, saying:
    “Judea, Judea is free,
    Re-kindled the lamp in the Temple,
    Re-kindled each bosom with glee!”

    My Chanukah-candles soon flickered,
    Around me was darkness of night;
    But deep in my soul I felt shining
    A heavenly-glorious light.

    By P. M. Raskin

    Read source at : http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/chanukah-lights

  5. At Christmas little children sing and merry bells jingle,
    The cold winter air makes our hands and faces tingle
    And happy families go to church and cheerily they mingle
    And the whole business is unbelievably dreadful, if you’re single.

    By Wendy Cope

    Read source at : http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/3814898/The-Great-Christmas-Compendium-A-Christmas-Poem.html

  6. Baby’s First ChristmasYou have to hold him up to see
    The angel on the Christmas tree.
    And even though he’s still too small
    To know the meaning of it all
    You watch his eyes reflect the glow
    Of colored lights that come and go
    And feel him quiver with delight
    At every new and wondrous sight.

    There’s Santa with his jolly face
    Beaming from the fireplace.
    And from the stocking hanging there
    Peeks a cuddly teddy bear.
    Bright ornaments and candy canes —
    Musical toy and wooden trains —
    There’s just no end to the delights
    Spread out for him this night of nights!
    He points and grins from ear to ear
    And then he yawns – his bedtime’s near!
    Dad gives him a kiss and you tuck him away
    To rest up for the fun of his first Christmas Day!

    By Alice E. Chase

    Read source at : http://www.best-quotes-poems.com/christmas_poem33.html

  7. It is a good day
    Believe in yourself,
    Because this time is new,
    You are truly God’s chosen few,
    Don’t feel gloomy,
    Don’t feel so blue,
    Because god is surely with you,
    Believe In yourself,
    Merry Christmas!

    By Unknown Author

    Read source at : http://www.wishafriend.com/poems/id/16662/

  8. Christmas Long AgoFrosty days and ice-still nights,
    Fir trees trimmed with tiny lights,
    Sound of sleigh bells in the snow,
    That was Christmas long ago.

    Tykes on sleds and shouts of glee,
    Icy-window filigree,
    Sugarplums and candle glow,
    Part of Christmas long ago.

    Footsteps stealthy on the stair,
    Sweet-voiced carols in the air,
    Stocking hanging in a row,
    Tell of Christmas long ago.

    Starry nights so still and blue,
    Good friends calling out to you,
    Life, so fact, will always slow…
    For dreams of Christmas long ago.

    By Jo Geis

    Read source at : http://www.best-quotes-poems.com/christmas_poem29.html

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