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Diy Christmas Gifts Ideas

Spread holiday cheer with sweet and simple handmade gifts.  these ideas! Choose  these ideas!

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most Thoughtful, Innovative and creative Christmas gifts that you can make or put together yourself that won’t break the bank and also won’t take up too much of your precious time.

Jingle Decoration:

This jingle bells decoration is just so charming and creative; it’ll look great in anyone’s home!

Materials Needed:

  • square shadow box
  • variety of sizes of jingle bells
  • Photo Frame
  • Ribbon
  • Paper











Making Method:

1. After opening up the back, place your jingle bells in the frame.


2. Cut your paper to size to fit in the back of the frame.


3. Tie a large bow around the frame.



4. Turn the frame over and shake the frame a little to spread out the bells. Then prop the frame up and adjust the bells to your liking.




Braided Leather-Lace Belt Craft:





Leather cord isn’t actually all that expensive; it’s incredible to see what a beautifully chic and elegant belt it can become. As long as you know how to braid, it’ll be a rather quick and easy project to complete.


Round leather cord,

3 mm in Natural

a 10 m spool . To make this braided, hip-slung leather belt, we used 20 1/3 yards of leather cord, cut into 3 equal pieces. This will make an 84-inch-long belt; size up or down accordingly.


  1. Holding the 3 leather pieces together, bend them in half; tie a knot about 2 inches from the bend, making a loop with 6 strands.
  2.   Put the center loop over a coat hook (or a big toe), divide the strands into 3 sections of 2 each, and braid. Near the end, knot to secure. Then knot the individual strands.

DIY Christmas Kitchen Towels:

Kitchen towels can be really inexpensive—especially if you get bulk discounts or sales—and they can be jazzed up with just a bit of interesting trim. You don’t necessarily have to go with the Christmas theme here; you can pick something to match the color palette of your friend’s house.

Supplies Needed:

  • Towels to embellish {I found mine at Joann’s and used a 40% off coupon.}
  • Trim {I bought two yards of each and had a little left over after decorating three towels.}
  • Thread to match trim
  • Fray check
  • Scissors and basic  sewing supplies
  • Sewing Machine
  • Iron



1.Pin trim to the towel using a ruler to make sure each row is straight. I tucked about 1/2″ under on each side of the towel.


2. Stitch each row in place. Trim threads carefully. Use fray check or another anti-fray product on the trim’s raw edges.

3. Washed and dried your  towels and they came out perfectly. Then ironed them and tied two together to gift. So stinking’ cute! And you’re done! These towels took very little time to make and they make such a sweet and thoughtful handmade gift.



Fabric Key Chains:

This gift idea is perfect if you have a relatively long list of who you need to get presents for. These key chains are so fun and easy to make that you can make a whole lot at a time and add some interesting defining features so that they’re all very different.

You’ll need:
*fabric scraps
*medium weight iron on interfacing
*small piece of Pellon Peltex one sided iron-on interfacing. This stuff is really stiff and is almost like cardboard but you can sew right through it. It’s awesome! I get mine when the interfacing at Joann’s goes on sale, but you really only need a tiny bit so it shouldn’t break the bank.
*twill tape or grosgrain ribbon
*key ring (you can get these on etsy, or re-use an old key ring from an unwanted key chain)
*pinking shears
*buttons, felt, for embellishing
*thread, sewing stuff

*something to make a pattern with, you  traced a few of the round things in my sewing room to get some different shapes, and sketched out the oval.

Making Method:

1.So, first off decide what scraps you’d like to use, and iron on the medium interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric.

2. If you’re going to do an applique or buttons, trace around your pattern onto the right side of the fabric so that you know how to place it.


3. I added a quick appliqued C to this one.

4. Then you could  ironed on the Peltex to the wrong side of your fabric according to the directions. (there’s a shiny side, which is the side that should be ironed on the wrong side of the fabric. I placed it down, covered it with a pressing cloth, and pressed with my iron for about 10-15 seconds.) Make sure you iron it to the side you want to be the “front” of your key chain.

5. Then cut it out, along with the back of your key chain.

6. Place wrong sides together, and place two pins about 1″ or so apart on the bottom.

7. Sew from pin to pin, around the circle, about 1/4″ away from the edge.

8. Cut a piece of your twill tape or ribbon about 2″ long.

Fold it over your key ring, insert into the opening on the bottom of your key chain, and sew the opening closed, back stitching at the beginning and end.

Trim threads, and you’re done! Make a ton more for friends and family!

You can also sew up a fabric loop to match, but those were a bit bulky and I found that the twill tape was a lot easier to sew and made them a lot quicker to make also!







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