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5 Christmas Week Activities

Turn your the fun side up and cheer this christmas season with lots of commemorations, rituals, traditions and lots more. Find Christmas Week Activities.

Letter to Santa

christmas week activities 1

If you want a miracle or gifts from Jesus you can get connected with him by writing him or writing to santa with all your prayers, wishes and all your talks with him.

Gift for teacher

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This Christmas season buy potpourri jars for a teacher that sends all the Christmas wishes for her. The perfect idea for your past or present teacher.

Holiday cards

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Just open up your creative side by giving hand made holiday and christmas cards displaying goodbye to holidays and fun for the new year.

Gingerbread house

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Make the christmas day full of all the surprise that you can ever give to your nears and dears and make them feel good and fill the festive season with joy and happiness while Decorating a gingerhebread house and gift it to all your loved ones.

Cookie baking party

christmas week activities 5

It includes all your favorite food and drinks. The most delicious idea that will make you go deep in the aroma of freshly baked Christmas cookies wafting out of your oven with all the flavours of jelly, cream, softness of cake and fruity drinks.

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