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20 Christmas Trivia Questions For Kids

  1. One of these reindeer’s names has a different first letter than the others. Which one?
  2. What does Santa wear on his head?
    A red and white hat
  3. What colour is Santa’s hat?
    red and white
  4. After leaving Bethlehem, to which country did Joseph, Mary, and Jesus travel?
  5. If you received all of the gifts in the ‘12 days of Christmas’ song, how many gifts would you get (remember to add the gifts up day by day)?
    364 gifts
  6. What type of cake is traditionally eaten in Italy at Christmas time?
  7. What date is Boxing Day celebrated?
    26th December
  8. Where does Santa live?
    The North Pole
  9. What colour is Santa’s belt?
  10. Name the reindeer whose name begins with a “B”
  11. In the Nativity story, how many Wise Men are there?
  12. What did the Wise Men follow to find Baby Jesus?
    A star
  13. Who is the famous reindeer with “the shiny red nose”?
  14. What is the first book in the Bible?
  15. What is the last book in the Bible?
  16. What is the longest book in the Bible?
  17. What is the shortest book in the Bible?
    3 John
  18. What was most likely the first Gospel written?
  19. What was most likely the last Gospel written?
  20. What are the songs called that people sing at Christmas?

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