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4 Christmas Tree Skirt Ideas

A Christmas tree skirt is a rounded skirt with an open side that is used to cover the Christmas tree stand. Since fresh Christmas tree stands have gotten larger to accommodate watering the tree, many find that the skirt covers up the unsightly look of the stand.

There are many options available when choosing a Christmas tree skirt. Some are made of flashy metallics, while others are quite simple and are constructed for the purpose of not detracting from the trimmed tree.

A Christmas tree skirt may be used to cover an unsightly Christmas tree stand.

Fairy Tree Skirt

Make this tree skirt for your childrens and make fun them with chrismas angels stories.

Pretty – in – Pink

You love the look of bright felt wedges on this tree skirt.

Ornament-Trimmed Christmas Tree Skirt

Don’t just trim your Christmas tree with ornaments — this festive tree skirt is the perfect holiday statement for a beautifully decorated tree.

Radiant Ribbon Christmas Tree Skirt

Tie together your Christmas color scheme with this Christmas tree skirt made from richly colored ribbons. Cut varying lengths of thick, wire-edge ribbon in different colors, then attach them to the tree trunk with florist’s wire.

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