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Christmas Quiz

As everyone knows, “Idle hands are an evil’s home”. So don’t be idle in Christmas holiday time. Use your time in doing some Christmas activities. We are giving you a best suggestion to do that.

Christmas Quiz is a one of popular activity, which will remove your idle and free time. One more advantage of playing Christmas quiz is that this will increase your knowledge. Christmas quiz is the only one game, which can be played by whole family or with many people together. Christmas quizzes are a great way to entertain kids and help them to increase their knowledge.

Test your knowledge by playing Christmas quizzes. We are providing you free Christmas quizzes with selected Christmas related questions. Christmas Carol Quiz includes basic Christmas related questions for kids, which questions can be easily answered by children. Here are also many hard quiz questions are also which can puzzle intelligent one.

Christmas trivia quiz includes topics like Christmas movies, songs, Christmas history and many other Christmas related questions. Play and enjoy these free Christmas quizzes. Try to find answers and if you are not able to find all answers, you can visit our Christmas quizzes with answers posts.

4 Christmas Trivia Games

This holiday challenge your family, friends and your loved ones to a few good-natured Christmas games of trivia. Christmas Trivia Game Rules Use our Trivia Questions and Answers to play a trivia game. The easiest way to play is to divide your group into pairs or teams of three or more players. Have one person designated to call out questions. ...

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10 Christmas Questions

What color are the berries of the mistletoe plant? White Which English leader banned the singing of Christmas songs? Oliver Cromwell What does the word Christ mean ? ‘Annointed’ from the Greek Xristo What name is given to the event, 9 months before the birth of Jesus, in which an angel tells Mary “Fear not, for thou shalt bring forth ...

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13 Christmas Trivia Questions And Answers

Which author wrote the book A Christmas Carol? Charles Dickens According to the song, what did my true love give to me on the seventh day of Christmas? Seven Swans A-Swimming What did the first ever SMS text message, sent December 3rd 1992, read? Merry Christmas! What kind of animal delivers gifts at Christmas in Syria ? Camel (one of ...

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14 Christmas Trivia Quiz

After leaving Bethlehem, to which country did Joseph, Mary, and Jesus travel? Egypt Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December. Who is the patron saint remembered on the 26th of December? Stephen Every elf has this ornament on the tip of their shoes. Which ornament are we talking about? Bells Which Christmas carol includes the lyrics ‘…To save us ...

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15 Christmas Trivia

What action causes Frosty to come to life? Placing an old hat upon his head. Upon coming to life, what were Frosty’s first words? “Happy Birthday!” In an effort to keep from melting, where did Frosty travel to? The North Pole “Strange, isn’t it? Each man’s life touches so many other lives. When he isn’t around he leaves an awful ...

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12 Christmas Quiz Questions

What date is St Stephen’s Day? 26th December In Charles Dickens’ novel A Christmas Carol, who was Scrooge’s dead business partner? Jacob Marley The song White Christmas was first performed in which 1942 film? Holiday Inn In what country, the world’s seventh largest by geographical area, is Christmas known as Bada Din (the big day)? India Christmas Island, in the ...

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