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12 Christmas Proverbs

  1. “Christmas comes but once a year.” 
  2. “Christmas is talked of so long, that it comes at last.”
  3. Black Christmas, white Easter.
  4. Christmas has been talked of so long that it has come at last.
  5. “A green Christmas makes a fat churchyard.”
  6. Another year will bring another Christmas.
  7. It is good to be priest at Easter, child in Lent, peasant at Christmas, and foal in harvest-time.
  8. Christmas on the balcony, Easter by the fire.
  9. Christmas in mud, Easter in snow.
  10. The best of all worlds: A sunny Christmas and a log fire on Easter.
  11. Christmas on the balcony, Easter by the fire.
  12. “If Christmas Day on Monday be,
    A greater winter that year you’ll see,
    And full of winds both loud and shrill;
    But in summer, truth to tell,
    High winds shall there be, and strong,
    Full of tempests lasting long;
    While battles they shall multiply
    And great plenty of beasts shall die.”

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