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Christmas Poems

Poetry is an awesome creation made by poet’s thoughts. Christmas poems or poetry is a method of celebrating Christmas with spiritual touch. Express your wish through short Christmas poems. Everyone loves to hear spiritual as well as funny Christmas poems in Christmas holidays. Many poets express their thoughts and Christmas culture through poetry.

Christmas poems can be used on Christmas wishing cards. Select an appropriate poem and write down it on colorful Christmas cards. You can make a funny card by using funny poems, every kid like these funny Christmas poems card.  Make a Christmas wish message with the help of free short poems. The message made from poem is more attractive and impressive in comparison of a normal Christmas message text because the lyrics of a poem are in a well mannered and wrote with a beautiful rhythm. Christmas poems sound good.

There are many Christmas songs and short stories, which are developed from many Christmas religious poems. Christmas poems for kids are mainly written in easy way to make understandable. It’s time to inspire yourself and also others through inspirational Christmas poems. Now scroll down this page to read best Christmas poems.

8 Short Christmas Poems For Church

Long, Long AgoWinds thru the olive trees Softly did blow, Round little Bethlehem Long, long ago. Sheep on the hillside lay Whiter than snow Shepherds were watching them, Long, long ago. Then from the happy sky, Angels bent low Singing their songs of joy. Long, long ago. For in a manger bed, Cradled we know, Christ came to Bethlehem, Long, ...

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6 Merry Christmas Friendship Poems

You are my friend of friends, my confident, my closest companion. You are the one I turn to for comfort when my heart is heavy and the first one I run to when I have good news to share. Through seasons and years, you’ve grown nearer to my heart, and I want you always to know, my friend, how much ...

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4 Classic Christmas Poems

Lines spoken after the ghost’s exitBERNARDO. It was about to speak, when the cock crew.HORATIO. And then it started, like a guilty thing Upon a fearful summons. I have heard The cock, that is the trumpet to the morn, Doth with his lofty and shrill-sounding throat Awake the god of day; and at his warning, Whether in sea or fire, ...

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5 Best Christmas Poems

The True ChristmasSo stick up ivy and the bays, And then restore the heathen ways. Green will remind you of the spring, Though this great day denies the thing. And mortifies the earth and all But your wild revels, and loose hall. Could you wear flowers, and roses strow Blushing upon your breasts’ warm snow, That very dress your lightness ...

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7 Family Christmas Poems

Recipe for Christmas All Year LongTake a heap of child-like wonder That opens up our eyes To the unexpected gifts in life— Each day a sweet surprise.Mix in fond appreciation For the people whom we know; Like festive Christmas candles, Each one has a special glow. Add some giggles and some laughter, A dash of Christmas food, (Amazing how a ...

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5 Christmas Poems For Preschoolers

A Christmas Alphabet PoemA is for Angels, appearing so bright, telling of Jesus that first Christmas night. “And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host.” Luke 2:13. B is for Bethlehem, crowded and old, birthplace of Jesus by prophet foretold. “But thou, Bethlehem Ephratah, out of thee shall he come forth unto me that is ...

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10 Short Funny Christmas Poems

Christmas SpoilersThe Christmas spoilers Will soon be with us again And that as you well know Means the bloody children By Unknown Author Read source at : http://www.peculiar-poetry.com/paul-curtis short/christmas-poems/ Come, SantaOnce upon a time, I made a wish while holding a dime, “I wish Santa come here on Christmas Put something special on my socks”. So every night, I watch ...

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9 Inspirational Christmas Poems

Wise Men Still Seek Him TodayW-hen the fullness of time had come, Jesus was born behind an Inn in a cave-like stable. I-n the Inn there was no room for the Son of God, no room for the Saviour of men. S-tar was shining so bright above the stable for the shepherds to find their way to Him. E-ven angels ...

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6 Funny Christmas Poems For Adults

Rudolph the snot nosed reindeer had a terribly bad cold His rosy red nose had turned green one hundred and one multifoldThen one morn’, sweet Santa said to him, ‘Rudolf with your nose green, you’d better stay in’Leaving a trail of green snotty slime Rudolf the reindeer shuffled back to his pine While he was dreaming of strange green bells ...

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8 Christmas Card Poems

The Nicest PresentUnder the tree the gifts enthrall, But the nicest present of them all Is filling our thoughts with those who care, Wanting our Christmas joy to share. To you, whom we’re often thinking of, We send our holiday joy and love. By Joanna and Karl Fuchs Read source at : http://www.poemsource.com/Christmas-poems.html Special HolidaysWe’re thinking of you this time ...

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