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7 Christmas Poems For Church

  1. Mary’s SongMy soul doth magnify
    And glory in the Lord
    His lowly handmaiden
    He has chosen over all
    My spirit doth rejoice
    Over God my saviour,
    For He has truly blessed me
    And shown great favour…

    Blessed and exalted
    Is the fruit of her womb
    The promise from ages past
    Was coming very soon
    I wonder if Mary,
    The servant of the Lord,
    Understood with depth
    The magnitude of her call

    The son she brought forth
    Called Holy and righteous,
    Blessed Prince of Peace,
    Forever there to guide us
    Did she know that Jesus
    Is the name above all names?
    That no one else can save us
    And take away our shame

    Did Mary know His future
    And who He really was?
    Did she know the price He’d pay
    Upon the blood-stained cross?
    Oh a mother’s heart must ache
    To see her first born son
    Hanging from a wooden cross,
    Rejected by everyone

    Did she know that He would rise
    And walk among them again?
    To eat and drink and share with them
    Until He would ascend
    He left with us His Holy Spirit,
    Forever to dwell inside
    I wonder if Mary ever knew
    The significance of His life.

    By M.S.Lowndes

    Read source at : http://www.heavensinspirations.com/marys-song.html

  2. A Christmas Charity ChoiceAnn was no stranger to wealth.
    She even owned a Rolls-Royce.
    Every Christmas, Ann had to make
    The Christmas charity choice.

    Ann discussed it with Sam, her hubby
    A month before Christmas was here.
    “Sam, I really want to do something
    Unusual for our charity this year.”

    “Exactly what do you mean?” he asked.
    “Choose some worthy cause,” my Dear.
    “Sam, I prayed and made a decision
    To help some homeless ones this year.”

    “I will act like a homeless person
    And hang out with them somewhere,
    And maybe I’ll find special needs
    Among some homeless people there.”

    Sam began to grin and laugh aloud.
    Then he began to shake his head.
    “That’s too dngerous, Ann, you know.
    You could very well end up dead.”

    Ann found some faded old clothes.
    Then she tried to dress like a bum.
    She prayed and found a homeless group,
    Who were sharing a bottle of rum.

    They shunned her as she appoached.
    She was not part of their clan,
    But she stayed with them anyway
    And observed each woman and man.

    Soon an old truck rolled to a stop.
    There exited a lady and a man.
    They handed a sandwich to everyone.
    “God bless you,” said Betty and Dan.

    When they left, Ann found a letter.
    It fell from the truck to the ground.
    It was an eviction notice. Said Ann,
    “My charity choice I have found!”

    Ann wasted no time that very day,
    For such speedy plans she laid.
    She found them and wrote a check.
    “With a sandwich, your bills are paid!”

    Betty and Dan were not homeless yet,
    But because they did God’s will,
    God honored this with Ann’s gift.
    They are helping the homeless still.

    By Margaret Cagle

    Read source at : https://www.christart.com/poetry/poem6899.htm

  3. Little Baby JesusLittle baby Jesus,
    so soft and so sweet
    one day would have nails
    pounded into His feet.

    Tightly swaddled now,
    in His mother’s loving arms
    one day He would wear
    a crown of prickly thorns.

    Small cooing sounds,
    He now softly sighs
    one day to His Father
    He’ll moan forsaken cries.

    Wise Men bring to Him,
    gifts meant for a King
    one day to a cross
    His life will painfully cling.

    Little baby Jesus,
    so soft and so sweet
    came into the world
    so Satan He could defeat.

    By Deborah Ann Belka

    Read source at : https://www.christart.com/poetry/poem6878.htm

  4. True Christian ChristmasChristmas isn’t showy gifts
    Or glittering decoration;
    It’s honoring our Savior, Jesus Christ
    In humble adoration.

    It’s serving those less fortunate,
    Meeting their needs before our own;
    It’s making sure at Christmas time
    That no one is alone.

    It’s taking what we would have spent
    On things that no one needs,
    And using it to help someone
    With service and good deeds.

    Our Savior showed us how to live
    With charity, faith and service.
    It makes the holidays a joy,
    More peaceful, and less nervous.

    So let’s remember Christmas is
    About our Savior’s birth;
    That’s the way to happiness,
    The way to peace on earth.

    By Joanna Fuchs

    Read source at : http://www.poemsource.com/Christian-Christmas-poems.html

  5. One Dark and Starry Night
    Star of BethlehemOn a dark and starry night
    One star shone particularly bright
    And led wisemen to the sight
    Where a prince was born that night.

    When they arrived upon the scene,
    It was almost like a dream.
    There lay the tiny Lord Supreme,
    ‘Tween Joseph and Heaven’s future queen.

    The wisemen placed their gifts before him,
    To show how much they adored him.
    Their souls filled with joy to the brim,
    As the angels sang their Heavenly hymn.

    Now each Christmas we commemorate,
    And rejoice with glee and celebrate,
    The birth of Jesus, the one so great,
    The Son of God, the Word Incarnate.

    By Kelly Roper

    Read source at : http://christmas.lovetoknow.com/Christian_Christmas_Poems

  6. Not Only Christmas DayLord, this is my prayer
    Not only on Christmas Day
    But until I see You face to face
    May I live my life this way:

    Just like the baby Jesus
    I ever hope to be,
    Resting in Your loving arms
    Trusting in Your sovereignty.

    And like the growing Christ child
    In wisdom daily learning,
    May I ever seek to know You
    With my mind and spirit yearning.

    Like the Son so faithful
    Let me follow in Your light,
    Meek and bold, humble and strong
    Not afraid to face the night.

    Nor cowardly to suffer
    And stand for truth alone,
    Knowing that Your kingdom
    Awaits my going home.

    Not afraid to sacrifice
    Though great may be the cost,
    Mindful how You rescued me
    From broken-hearted loss.

    Like my risen Savior
    The babe, the child, the Son,
    May my life forever speak
    Of who You are and all You’ve done.

    So while this world rejoices
    And celebrates Your birth,
    I treasure You, the greatest gift
    Unequaled in Your worth.

    I long to hear the same words
    That welcomed home Your Son,
    “Come, good and faithful servant,”
    Your Master says, “Well done.”

    And may heaven welcome others
    Who will join with me in praise
    Because I lived for Jesus Christ
    Not only Christmas Day

    By Mary Fairchild

    Read source at : http://christianity.about.com/od/prayersverses/a/christmasprayer.htm

  7. We Saw a LightWe saw a light shine out afar
    On Christmas in the morning,
    And knew we straight it was Christ’s star
    Bright beaming in the morning.
    Then did we fall on bended knee
    On Christmas in the morning,
    And praised the Lord who’d let us see
    His glory at its dawning.

    By Old English carol

    Read source at : http://www.homemade-gifts-made-easy.com/christmas-religious-poems.html

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