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5 Christmas Party Decorations Ideas

Christmas party supplies to celebrate the season: Christmas party decorations, indoor and outdoor decorations, Santa costumes and hats, and other …
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Pinecone Party Tree Decoration Topper 

Craft Instructions

• 8 pinecones (about 4″ long)

• 1 small round pinecone for center

• 4″-diameter cardboard circle

• Wood stick or skewer, 10″ long

• Hot glue

• Artificial snow spray

Spray all pinecones with snow spray; let dry. Hot-glue stick to back of cardboard circle (it will anchor topper to tree; use twist ties if needed). Turn over and hot-glue small round pinecone to center of cardboard. Glue long pinecones around center cone to form star.

Wreath crafting party

Friends leave with good memories and seasonal decor after a casual afternoon of wreath crafting christmas party

TipA cocoa bar lets guests mix sips and top them off with marshmallows or whipped cream.

Need something above your buffet? Hang Christmas cards, embellished tags and ornaments from a single evergreen branch tacked to the wall.

A Beautiful Christmas Decorations white Christmas Tree and lights Lamps Magic Room..

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