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10 Christmas Messages Santa Claus

  1. t’s Christmas Eve, and as Santa prepares to head out from the North Pole he wants to send a message to alI of the children of the world. Merry Christmas from our family to yours!
  2. Santa Claus believes that
    everyone should be everyone else’s child,
    and that being a child is the most
    important thing in the world.
  3. Santa Claus never hunts.
    Sometimes he goes ice-fishing,
    but he never catches anything.
  4. My dear friends, there something I would like to say to you this Christmas. Don’t be afraid, and don’t ever forget that miracles can happen.You might be in the middle of times in your life when things are not so good, but then something wonderful happens and your life can change for good.And the same goes with your dreams, never let them fade away, hold onto them, keep them always in your heart and in your mind and they may come true.

    My dear friends I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a very very happy New Year.

    – Santa Claus
  5. Has Santa Claus ever gotten stuck in a chimney?
    If that happened, his gift delivery route would get cut short. Santa Claus has a big book entitled, “Chimneys of the World”, and in that book you can find information on the construction of all the world’s chimneys. It ‘s important to know how to get into them, and that is Santa Claus’ specialty.
  6. Does Santa Claus have to be good?
    Santa Claus is always good. Sometimes he has to be strict, but he is always fair.
  7. Is it possible to get presents, even if you haven’t been good?
    Santa Claus is certain that all children are good down deep. If a child is hungry or tired, it’s only natural that crabbiness can sneak in unaware. Voicing disappointment or bad feelings has nothing to do with being good.
  8. S stands 4 stockings we hang up so high.
    A is 4 all we get if we don’t cry.
    N is 4 nobody he will pass by.
    T is 4 to-morrow, the day we eat pie.
    A stands 4 at last old Santa is nigh.C 4 the children who love him so well.
    L 4 the little girl, his name she can spell.
    A stands 4 apples so rosy and red.
    U is 4 us as we wait 4 his sled.
    S stands 4 Santa Claus, who comes in the night.
    when we r tucked up in bed with our eyes.
    closed so tight.
  9. Does Santa Claus get any presents himself?
    Oh, yes. He gets them often. The best gifts, in Santa Claus’ opinion, are the happy smiles of children and the joyful looks in their eyes.
  10. Christmas waves a magic wand over dis world, making,
    everything softer dan snowflakes & all da more beautiful.
    Wish u a Magical Christmas.

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