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10 Christmas Love Poems

  1. Christmas Poem For YouMerry Christmas, my love
    On this incredible day
    Filled with significance
    In so many ways.

    Most important of which
    I get to create with you
    More memories and moments
    To a dream come true.

    As we share our lives
    On this special holiday,
    I love you more
    Than words can say.

    Merry Christmas, my love
    And in case you missed
    You are to me
    The most precious of gifts.

    Christmas Love Poetry by KYB

    Read source at : http://www.beautiful-love-quotes.com/christmas-love-poems.html

  2. The GiftThe best thing I ever received
    Was given sometime ago
    So precious and rare
    More valued than gold.

    It began when I met you
    All wrapped up in a bow
    As I pulled away the wrappings
    Lo and Behold.

    My heart beat faster
    And my pulse began to race
    I’ll never forget that moment
    Including time or place.

    The best gift ever
    Infiltrated my heart
    I plan to keep you always
    Forever to start.

    Christmas Love Poems by KYB

    Read source at : http://www.beautiful-love-quotes.com/christmas-love-poems.html

  3. Christmas LoveOn the eve of Christmas
    Surely I’ll have you near
    I’ll wrap my arms around you
    And hold my darling dear

    I’ll kiss those lips of wine
    As you stand ‘neath the mistletoe
    My heart will follow you
    Everywhere you go.

    Merry Christmas, My Love!

    By Unknown Author

    Read source at : http://www.1lovepoems.com/christmas-love.shtml

  4. Christmas time is here again
    I wish you only knew,
    How special Christmas is this year
    Because I am with you.This year I don’t need any gifts
    Beneath the Christmas tree
    The only thing I’ll ever want
    Is you to be with me

    I put you on my Christmas list
    And mailed it like a kid
    But if Santa didn’t bring you here
    An angel surely did

    You’re my favorite gift of all
    You’ve filled my heart with cheer
    I hope that I can be with you
    On Christmas every year

    By Ryan Brennan

    Read source at : http://www.lovepoemsandquotes.com/LovePoem164.html

  5. To my Darling Wife at ChristmasA marriage made in heaven
    Is exactly what we’ve got
    All I know is that I love you
    And I know I’ll never not

    By Jon Bratton

    Read source at : http://www.verses4cards.co.uk/christmas-love-verses-poems.html

  6. Merry Christmas to the one I love,
    Even on this day of love for all,
    Remembering the love of one whose call
    Redeemed all those whose hearts his love might move.
    Yet only one love does my spirit prove,
    Chosen in a passion like a squall,
    Having in such ecstasy withal
    Rejoiced in what we were created of.
    In such love do we find our way outdoors,
    So to be drawn to love of flesh and soul,
    Traveling beyond our village green,
    Moving towards the wash along our shores
    As our love joins the greater love unseen,
    Shining with dark passion on the whole.

    By Nicholas Gordon

    Read source at : http://christmas.fundootimes.com/poems/love-poems.html

  7. Is Christmas dying?
    Holly that hang from the door is disappearing,
    Lights don’t shine so bright.
    Christmas goodwill and spirit is hard to be found,
    Feeling I’ve found my scrooge.
    Is it now that I’ve grown I see a different picture,
    Not so tinted in green and gifts.
    Santa filling my stocking,
    Everything such a dream through a child eyes.
    Nativity plays being played at school,
    The birth of Christ instilled into our lives.
    Life is changing with so many different cultures and beliefs.
    Will the true meaning be lost?
    When we have people digging a hole with their wallets.
    Christmas is not about the biggest present,
    Or how much money you’ve spent.
    Christmas for me is about love,
    Giving it through goodwill, with a smile or just being there.
    People may lose faith in religion,
    Never lose faith in Christmas,
    Christmas is love!

    By Joseph Tanner

    Read source at : http://christmas.fundootimes.com/poems/love-poems.html

  8. In idle dreams of long ago,
    I imagined my true love;
    A perfect match, a soulmate,
    An angel from above.Now you’re here, and now I know
    Our love will stay and thrive and grow.

    By Joanna Fuchs

    Read source at : http://www.poemsource.com/short-love-poems.html

  9. I Never KnewI never knew about happiness;
    I didn’t think dreams came true;
    I couldn’t really believe in love,
    Until I finally met you.

    By Joanna Fuchs

    Read source at : http://www.poemsource.com/short-love-poems.html

  10. Love TimeIf I could have all the time in the world,
    I know what I would do:
    I’d spend the time
    In pleasure sublime,
    Just by being with you.

    By Joanna Fuchs

    Read source at : http://www.poemsource.com/short-love-poems.html

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