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2 Christmas Gift Ideas

Make an “Enthusiast” from you, to your beloved and an Adorable Ones on this Christmas Season. Here we Provide to You choose the perfect Christmas gift for someone special!
Awesome Christmas Gift Ideas:
On this Year of “Yule Season”, give an Amazing gifts to your Friends, Family and Surroundings, and making a wonderful smiles on their faces.
Spread the Love and Cheerfulness on the season of Christmas, with An Amazing Gifts. The “Tremendous collection” of most favorable and an Unique collections of Gift ideas.
creative Christmas Gift Ideas:
Make and Show your own Creatives on this Christmas Season, by making (or) Give a different ideas of making Gifts for Christmas. Here we provide the Lot of Ideas to Create and creative for Gift’s also.
This massive collection of Gifts in a Jar Recipes are easy to make, fun to give … Gifts in a Jar Ultimate List of Easy Mason Jar Gift Ideas from us.


-Martha Stewart decoupage, gloss finish
-a mug
-painters’ tape
-a brush


1.) Clean off your mug with rubbing alcohol.
2.) Add a line of painters tape where you’d like your glitter to stop. Make sure to leave at least an inch at the top.
3.) Brush a coat of decoupage onto the mug in the spots where you’d like the glitter.
4.) Pour glitter over mug until well coated.
5.) Remove painters tape immediately, DON’T TOUCH THE GLITTER, and set cup non-glitter side down to dry overnight.

6.) Brush loose pieces of glitter off of the cup.
7.) Add a coat of decoupage only over the glittered side, let dry overnight.
8.) Add a second coat of decoupage, let dry overnight.
9.) Let the mug cure a week before using it, 28 days before putting it in the dishwasher.

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