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4 Christmas Dinner Activities

Bless the food before us, the family beside us and the love between us! Make this Christmas more brighter while having different Christmas Dinner Activities.

Candle Christmas Table

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This Christmas make the table for your loved ones and make this christmas eve special while getting your dinner decorated with candles, glitters, all the delicious food, cookies, wine bar with adequate lightings and lots of fun while most importantly the precious time for your family and kids to have fun together.

Slide Shows

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You can also invite your cousins and relatives to the special commemoration on this Christmas eve and collect pictures of all the sisters while making a slide show with Christmas background music. This idea can also include the things that make the people admire about each other in the slide show.

Christ in Christmas

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The most amazing idea of making this Christmas eve special is inviting Jesus Christ to your home and make your house full of blessings, miracles and lots of love. While making an addition to this idea ask six ladies to dress up like women who knew Chris. Some of them are Elizabeth, the mother of John the Bapist, The mother of Marry, The Mother of Joseph and some more.

The Old Town Museum

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You can also visit the Den Gamle (Old Town Museum) where you will experience the history of Christmas. Tables are beautifully decorated everywhere in the same way as in 17th century. There you can also find a unique gifts in the period shops or traditional Christmas food, sweets and hot drinks.

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