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4 Christmas Day Family Activities

Yippee! Its Christmas….Just go crazy with the all the fun activities with your family and relatives  while having different fun games and competitions. Here find Christmas Day Family Activities.

Stocking Stuffers

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One of the most amazing Christmas traditions is Stocking Stuffers which makes all the family members feel special. This mesmerizing tradition requires all the family members to buy a small present for every other person in the family so that every member must be involved in this game. In this game everyone must guess who they think gave them the various items in their stocking.

 Neighborhood Lights

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You can add more and more fun to this Christmas season by walking around the neighbourhood with your friends or cousins and judge every one’s Christmas decorations. One more way to add a fun factor to this Christmas eve is just pile everyone up in a car for a fun drive. Just try a different way to have fun and mesmerize the eve while visiting to the city lights and fireworks.

Decoration Competition

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The meaning of party completely changes without having planned a cheesy game. There are different variants available in the market for the competition decorations like cookies and people, santa and people, biggest Christmas tree and lots more. Decorating cookies with frosting and sprinkles is not a bad idea for the eve. For this type of competition team of three or four would be the best ever idea. You can also decorate one person on each team as a Christmas tree using green streamers, tinsel, ornaments while grabbing pictures and memories.

Snow fun

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Most amusing and enjoying way for this Christmas season is having snow fun with your family and relatives. Some tips are here-

  • Santa snowman on Christmas.
  • Go crazy in the snowball fight.
  • For getting warmth after cool fight just light up fire and roast chestnuts would definitely be the most awesome ending for the Christmas night.

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