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4 Christmas Art And Craft Ideas

This holiday season, decorate your home with these fun and easy Christmas crafts. Your kids will love adorning the tree with handmade ornaments,  up your front with a creative wreath, and giving cute diy to loved ones.

Simple Paper Ornaments Red and white construction paper or cardstock, pencil, scissors, ice-pop stick, craft glue, red and white glitter glue, red ribbon.

Pasta Snowflakes Working on parchment paper, glue pasta edges together into a snowflake shape; let dry. Paint white; let dry.

Feather Wreath Pin the beginning of one boa onto the wreath form, wrap around, and pin at end. Repeat with 2 additional boas.

Easy Christmas Ornaments Get your family crafting this holiday season. Everyone will love seeing your children’s handmade ornaments under the Christmas tree.

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