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4 Christmas Activities For Kids

I wish we could put some of the Christmas spirit in jars and open a jar of it every month! Explore Christmas Activities For Kids and share the golden moments.

Christmas Games and fun

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The most viral ideas of christmas feast involves different games for kids including balloons, glitters, juices, party poppers, church candles, fun gifts, swings, balloons, water games, puzzle fun etc.

Christmas Tree

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You can also add fun and cheer to the christmas season by designing your own christmas tree with glitters, gifts, plastic glasses, chocolates and toffees while getting gifts from Santa with blessings of Jesus with all your family members.

Decoration and food

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This Christmas you can go with all the favorite food of your kids like cakes, cookies, candies, jellies, gifts from santa,  glitters, ribbons, frill decorations and offcourse blessings from Jesus to lead a successful life.

Christmas theme

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Explore various ideas of different theme commemorations like christmas with fancy dress, the eco-friendly christmas, christmas with hollywood theme, christmas with nature, christmas home eve, the candle light christmas, christmas with Jesus Christ in church.

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