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4 Christmas Accessories Ideas

Create your own holiday decor with these easy crafts and projects…ideas

Easy Christmas Decorations Accessories

Flank an Entryway

Give your guests a dramatic welcome  A pair of inexpensive plastic urns from the garden center instantly dress up a front doorway. Place a tall foam cone in each urn, anchor it with sand, then use florist sticks and wire to attach greenery and Christmas balls.

String Up Some Starlight

Wind a strand of battery-powered fairy lights around a medium Styrofoam ball. Tie it off, then tape the end of the strand to the ceiling or loop it around a curtain rod. Suspend three or four balls of varying sizes together for an even brighter arrangement.

Do Something Sweet

Something as simple as glasses and dishes filled with seasonally appropriate candies can make a sweet table topper, especially at dessert time. Here, classic candy canes pair with chocolates wrapped in tinsel-colored foil.

Band Together

Make “ornaments” by wrapping rubber bands in a multitude of colors to form balls (maybe you have a few of these started?). Tie on a bit of ribbon and cord and suspend in your windows.


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