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6 Christian Christmas Poems

  1. Don’t Forget JesusChristmas is a special time
    To reflect on Jesus Christ,
    The wonder of His lowly birth
    Brings meaning to our livesThere really is no other reason,
    We celebrate this day,
    The birth of God’s precious son
    And the life, He willingly gaveBut so much seems to distract us
    In the busyness of our lives,
    We lose our focus in all the happenings,
    Not knowing, we leave out Christ

    We lose sight of the true meaning
    As we endlessly rush about,
    Trying to find that perfect gift,
    Seems to cloud our Saviour out

    We need to stop and reflect awhile,
    Remembering our precious Lord,
    His birth, His life and sacrifice
    And all that He stands for

    For though the world may celebrate,
    It seems, though, for other reasons,
    Let’s keep in mind that Jesus Christ
    Is the true meaning of the season.

    By M.S.Lowndes

    Read source at : http://www.heavensinspirations.com/dont-forget-jesus.html

  2. GiveIf we would take just half the measure
    Of what we spend on Christmas pleasure
    To give to others who have less,
    Our love for Jesus we’d express.What we spend on Christmas stuff
    (It’s really way more than enough)
    To others can mean so much more
    Than trifles we often use it for.The Bible tells us how to live;
    A frequent lesson we read is “give.”
    It’s time to spread uncommon cheer;
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    By Joanna Fuchs

    Read source at : http://www.poemsource.com/Christian-Christmas-poems.html

  3. Heaven SingsAll of Heaven sings
    Hallelujah to the Christ
    Born to save mankind.

    By Kelly Roper

    Read source at : http://christmas.lovetoknow.com/Christian_Christmas_Poems

  4. Jesus, Is Coming AgainOh, you better watch out,
    You better not lie.
    You better not doubt,
    I’m telling you why.Jesus, is coming again.He’s making a plea,
    He’s got an escape plot.
    He’s gonna find out,
    Who believes or not.

    Jesus, is coming again.

    He sees you when you’ve sinned,
    He knows when you’ve confessed.
    He knows when you’ve been guilty or not,
    So believe in Him – for your own sake.

    So, you better watch out,
    You better not lie.
    You better not doubt,
    I,m telling you why.

    Jesus, is coming again.

    Little lost sheep,
    Little Satan’s charms.
    And don’t fall in his arms.

    Jesus, is coming again.

    Little Satan’s toy’s,
    That follows and do.
    Lusty, greedy,
    And gluttonous too.

    Jesus, is coming again.

    Those who play in Satan’s band,
    Will have a fiery festivity.
    They’re gonna play his sinful gig,
    In the depth of hell’s captivity.

    Oh, you better watch out,
    You better not lie.
    You better not doubt,
    I’m telling you why.

    Jesus, is coming,
    Jesus, is coming,
    Jesus, is coming,

    By Deborah Ann Belka

    Read source at : https://www.christart.com/poetry/poem6191.htm

  5. FOR . . .The homeless, deprived, and hurting
    Torn clothing, sick, and in want
    Bedding down on streets and corners
    Days too long to even stop and count.The unmarried girl with child
    Needs love to alleviate strife
    Weighing the cost involved
    Going under the abortionist’s knife.The elderly in nursing homes alone
    Family rejected, unloved, their words unsaid
    Pushed off to the side emotionally
    Left to die in loneliness instead.

    The abused child feeling rejected, unloved
    Stripped of nurturing love and dignity,
    Hiding behind a wall of anger
    Needing love to find her identity.

    They are out there; the poor, depressed, and lonely
    In deep need and want year through
    So many to love and tenderly touch
    And, doing your part makes the numbers few.

    The Christmas season passes quickly
    And we go back to our daily lives
    Forgetting one another’s needs
    Ignoring the cries and mournful sighs.

    Our Savior’s eyes fills with saddened tears
    Witnessing His children give love then suspend
    from giving of self all year long
    Rather… Waiting for Christmas to arrive again.

    By Diane O. Wright

    Read source at : http://www.allaboutreflections.org/christian-christmas-poems.htm

  6. The Battle
    My mind is a raging fire, I’m convicted in my heart
    I long to be a Christian Lord, but know not where to start
    I hear my Savior knocking, He’s standing at the door
    And all the earthly worldly things aren’t important anymore!I make the great decision, I fall down on my knees
    And ask my Lord to save me, enter my heart I plead
    And I know that at that moment, my sin is cast away
    I’m now a newborn child, a tender Christian babe!The news spreads fast, and soon I learn, the enemy has heard
    His plan is to attack, before I know the Word
    For with the Word I have in me the Holy Spirit’s power
    He knows he must attack at once, he cannot wait an hour!He gathers together all his demons and sets his battle plans
    He must destroy this new child’s faith, it must blow as drifting sands
    The planning takes just minutes, they empty all the files
    And then his army moves, armed with many trials!

    The attack is fast and furious, and for a while I stumble
    But in the end, I am quite sure, it is Satan who will bumble
    I’m hit with many problems, they’re coming by the score
    And as my faith begins to slip, I fall down to the floor!

    Satan now is laughing, he jumps around in glee
    And then the smile fades from his face, as I struggle to one knee
    He stares unto the battlefield, his face is filled with terror
    With all the files they had on me, could he have made an error?

    I’m beaten, battered, on one knee, as my lips begin to move
    Satan is screaming at the top of his lungs, “What’s he trying to prove?”
    He sends out queries to the demons, “What is that he’s saying?”
    The answer comes like a shot in the night, “Oh Lucifer, he’s praying!”

    My strength ebbs back, and as I struggle, I gain the other knee
    And when the demons see this, they turn from me and flee
    Satan screams, “Stand and fight, he’s only just a man!”
    The answer comes loud and clear, “A man in the Savior’s hand!”

    The battle now is over, my faith as strong as steel
    And in my heart, I know full well, the Lord Jesus is for real
    For as I lay on the ground that day, something gently lifted me
    Without that gentle lifting, I’d never have gained my knees!

    The moral of this poem, is really very clear
    Just call on the name of Jesus, when you’re facing fear
    For when you call on Jesus, Satan hasn’t got a chance
    The power that he thinks he has is fictional romance!

    By Jay L. Zumbrum

    Read source at : http://www.angelfire.com/tx2/christianpoetry/battle.html

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