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3 Children’s Christmas Songs

Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve is here at last,
Come with bells a-ringing!
Holly wreaths and mistletoe,
Trees with twinkling lights aglow,
Little faces smiling so,
Christmas Eve is bringing.Christmas morning’s here at last,
Come with joyful singing!
Stockings full for you and me,
Treasures ‘neath the Christmas tree,
Children dancing merrily,
Christmas Day is bringing.
Read source at:http://www.kididdles.com/lyrics/c063.html
Carol, Children, Carol
Carol, children, carol,
Carol joyfully,
Carol the good tidings,
O carol merrily.Carol, children, carol,
Carol joyfully,
Carol the good tidings,
O carol merrily.And wish a happy Christmas
To everyone you meet.
Carol, children, carol,
O carol merrily.Carol now in gladness,
Celebrate the birth
Of dear Baby Jesus,
Hallowed be our mirth;
While a thousand blessings,
Fill our hearts with glee,
Christmas Day will keep the feast
Of charity.
Read source at:http://www.kididdles.com/lyrics/c061.html
The Elf Poem
I saw and elf all
Dressed in green—
The cutest elf
I‘d ever seen!I said, ―I like
Your turned up toes.
He wrinkled up
His elfin nose.I said, ―I like
Your pointed hat;
I wish I that I had
One like that!I said, ―I like
Your nice green beard.
He blushed and smiled,
Then disappeared.
Read source at:http://www.songsforteaching.com/colorssongs/theelf-poem.php



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