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4 Beautiful Christmas Tree Decorations Ideas

Christmas tree is the most important christmas decoration that will put you in the holiday spirit. Therefore, you have the reason to celebrate this christmas festive with your loved ones and full of fun.

Here are the some new ways to decorate your christmas tree :

Tiny Tree

Use a vintage tin as a container for a tiny Christmas tree to place on a cabinet.

Whether your home is traditional, contemporary or shabby chic, choose a tree color and theme that fit your design. This beautiful purple and pink flocked tree is a perfect accompaniment to the cool, purple decor in your eclectic living room.

Birds of a Feather Christmas Tree
When you love a theme, don’t shy away from making a big statement. Glowing jewel tones are used throughout the ornaments but are the most impressive in the giant bow tree topper. Mixing in soft white bird ornaments is a fun touch that highlights what this homeowner loves.

Jingle Bells Christmas Tree

Adorned with jingle bells, red jute wedding runs down the length of the tree.

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