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8 Animated Christmas Animals

Animated Christmas Animals

Animated Christmas Animals that revolves around a young calf vwho aspires to learn to fly and become one of santa clause reindeer.. It is narrated by American country singer Randy Travis and stars veteran voice actress Kath Soucie . It originally aired on Fox. Animated Christmas Animals with Santa Claus and an elf taking off in a sleigh to deliver presents, with a narrator talking about events throughout the story and he states that Christmas Eve is a night made for wishes. the Animated Christmas Animals lose their ability to talk which makes Billy wonder if he imagined the whole thing. The Sheriff and the Holders show up with Mr. Holder demanding the money for repairs to the fence. Knowing that Baker doesn’t have the money, he decides to take away Annabelle; the Sheriff sadly explains that if he can get the money to repair the fence in 24 hours then he’ll make sure Annabelle is returned. Billy is crushed as the Holder boys drag away Annabelle.

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