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4 Animal Christmas Ornaments

Amaze your family and friends with all the Christmas ornament and make the day special while creating them on your own. Here findĀ Animal Christmas Ornaments.

Black Cat Resin Ornament

animal christmas ornaments 1

Go and buy a small cat teddy from the stores or you can make it from clay also and grab a small woolen mufler from your old clothes and tie it on the neck of cat. All you need to do is hang this accessory to a metallic chain. Now this ornament is ready to gift your friends while you can also wear it on the christmas day.

Horse Rider Ornament

animal christmas ornaments 2

Horse rider ornament would be the most amazing ideas on this chistmas. This can be made out of buttons of your old jackets, pants etc. with a soft cardboard or cloth to give a base. You can use this idea for decorating your house while keeping it as show peace or give this as luck charm to your family members or friends on the christmas eve party.

Elephant Ornament

animal christmas ornaments 3

Elephant ornament is the specialty of the Christmas and the most easy way to celebrate it. For this you need to collect some cardboard and clay while add some colors for decorating it. You can also surprise your guests by making this design of cake moreover garnish it with flavoured cream or jelly.

Glitter Dove Ornament

animal christmas ornaments 4

Dove ornaments are the resemblance of peace because they are white. So spread the peace all around your nears and dears while giving them the handcrafted dove. You can use white cardboard or paper and shape in the dove and paste some feathers also. Keeping a gift inside it is not a bad idea but in fact it would surprise the guests.

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