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3 Musical Christmas Bells

The best way to spread christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear! Spread the musical nodes all over the christmas season and explore Musical Christmas Bells.

Fabric Bells

musical christmas bells 1

Handcrafted Christmas Bells are the most amazing way to accessorize your home at christmas. These simply designed bells are made of cloth, little metallic bells, plastic beads, ribbons and thread. Stitch double cloth in the shape of cone leaving a little whole at the corner. Tie the thread with metallic bell and hand along the cone and with it tie the ribbon as the hanger.

Packed Bell

musical christmas bells 2

Christmas Bell along with a present inside would not only amaze your guests but also surprise them after getting a little cute gift. Pack a little gift like candie, chocolate, small teddy or any of the lucky charm on the christmas day and hang colorful metallic bells with ribbon and paste them on the present.

Metallic Bells

musical christmas bells 3

For this type of accessories all you need is small metallic bells, along with a metallic wire. Wrap the wire pasting a ribbon on it and tie the wire within the bells and hand them onto the doors, windows or ventilators. As the air swing inside the house and the bell would ring and give you the musical christmas feeling.

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