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12 Days Of Christmas Game

These Christmas party games only require items that you  already have, so just read the rules and with little to no preparation, you’ll be ready to play.






  1. 1. Ornament Guess. You can start your party with this excited and easy game.In this game guest guess how many ornaments are on your tree when they walk in to the party.This is very easy game to set up and you can give a small prize to the winner if you’d like. 
  2. 2. Christmas carol pictionary relay. The classic game of Pictionary where teams race to draw popular Christmas carols.Once the group knows what the Christmas carol is, they’ll have to start singing it to get their points.
  3. Two truths and a lie. Add a Christmas twist to this popular ice breaker by setting the theme of “Worst Christmas Gift Ever Received” and have each guest come up with two that are true and one that is a lie.

    Can your guests spot which one is real and which one isn’t?

  4. Gift stacking game. The kids will love this Christmas party game where they race to recreate a stack of gifts. All you need is some empty boxes and leftover gift wrap.

    There’s also a fun variation to this game where it’s turned into a relay race. It’s really a great overall game that kids of all ages will enjoy.

  5. Christmas Bingo.  Print out  printable bingo cards and you’ll have an instant Christmas party game that didn’t cost you anything.Bingo is a great game for kids of all ages and there’s a wide selection of cards to choose from.

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